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Welcome to Centurion Consulting Group

Why Do I Need CenturionCG’s Services?

Uvalde. Georgia. Most recently, Tulsa. Public and private venues are being remembered for tragic incidents involving armed aggressors instead of their service to the community. Businesses, office complexes, and retail stores are invaded by individuals yielding weapons. Even sacred houses of worship are not safe of these intruders.

We cannot hide or live in fear, however, we can be prepared. “Knowledge is what can save lives. Centurion Consulting Group’s classes are the ones to have.” (Verner R., Oklahoma City) You, your co-workers, and congregation can be trained with the tool kit that prepares you for an armed aggressor in your school, business, or church.

Centurion offers training in policy, firearms, aggressor response, and other related topics.

Who is Centurion Consulting Group?

We are a team of active and former police officers who understand security threats and how to defend against them. Along with these instructors, we have a licensed counselor for de-escalation and several paramedics for first aid.

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What Services Does CenturionCG Offer?

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NOTE: The video below is NOT training provided by CenturionCG,
but it is representative of the type of training we offer: